Since 1989, our partners and professional staff, all of whom are former Big 4 and Fortune 500 professionals, have been fully committed to providing the best possible employment candidate-to-client matches in the tri-state area. Strong, ongoing relationships with our clients give us an exclusive "in" to many of the most desirable assignments available. This arrangement allows us to access the best packages for our very diverse pool of top-quality candidates. By doing this, we help eliminate some of the more stressful aspects of prospective candidate-client introduction. It is this ability to nurture relationships with our clients that allow us to stay ahead of the competition. It is our client's complete confidence in our being able to place the right people in the right job that keeps coming back.

Screening the candidates of the new millennium requires discretion, accuracy, fairness and professionalism. As business becomes more global and lifestyles more mobile, close attention must be paid to confidentiality, reputation, professional integrity, and image. Through our extensive screening process, we ensure that both candidate and client are properly matched. We will not leave you alone at the client's door. Instead, we prepare all our candidates for the interview process through such services as resume evaluation and specific interview strategies for the individual position in question.

By providing only the best candidates to our clients, we are able to maintain a very high degree of trust with them. Through our communication with both client and candidate, we help eliminate the often frustrating "element of surprise" that can and often does arise at any any stage of the interview process. With thorough matching and screening, many of our available job opportunities become long-term commitments for our candidates. This is our main objective-- to build careers, not simply to close out an open position. At Scott Jeffries, we beleive in "screening in," not "screening out." We look forward to working with you.

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